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Category: Total Compensation Statements

Total Compensation Statements Help Employers Recruit and Retain Top Talent

A recent article in Employee Benefit News notes that U.S. companies continue to be cautious when it comes to handing out raises and bonuses. But in today’s environment of historically low unemployment, employers still need to compete in order to recruit and retain top talent. One tactic they are embracing is improving their benefits offerings. Unfortunately for…

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New Survey Shows Link Between Understanding and Appreciation of Total Rewards

Over breakfast the other day with a CEO friend of mine we were discussing the ongoing challenge of recruiting and retaining good employees. As we were chatting, I showed him a few examples of total compensation statements that RewardsFocus had recently delivered; he commented on how necessary these communications are since so many employees just…

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Timing is (Almost) Everything

One question we get a lot when we speak with prospective clients is “when should we send a total compensation statement?” Great question. Each organization is different, so there’s no one right answer. However, here are three factors to consider when trying to determine the best timeframe for your organization: Actual vs. projected values –…

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Study: Employers Pay Nearly 75 Percent of the Cost of Health Insurance

Chances are you didn’t see the above headline last week. However, it is one takeaway from the 2018 Employer Health Benefits Survey published by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Most articles about the survey focused on the finding that the average cost of employer-provided health insurance reached nearly $20,000 over the past year. Of course, there is…

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Five Reasons You Need a Total Compensation Statement

With the unemployment rate in the U.S. hovering around 4%, employers are dealing with two difficult challenges – attracting new employees and retaining the ones they already have. Workers are in the best position they have been in for several years; employers need to step up their game in order to remain competitive. Whether you’re…

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