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Our goal with every project is to help you effectively communicate your organization’s total rewards story with as little hassle as possible on the part of the client. Whether we are creating printed total compensation statements or implementing Total Rewards Online we follow the same basic process.


We want to understand your goals, priorities and challenges. Together we will decide on layout, length and information to include.

2Design and Develop Content

Leveraging your organization’s existing materials on compensation and benefits, as well as your marketing guidelines such as colors, logos and images, we will create a draft of the statement for you to review. We will then incorporate your changes and suggestions to create a final draft.

3Collect and Review Data

We will provide you with a data specification to guide the data gathering process. You will upload data through a secure, easy-to-use file transfer site. Unlike most vendors, we can accept multiple data files and do not require clients to adhere to rigid data formatting requirements.

Once we receive your data we review every file and alert you to inconsistencies that may reveal potential data errors.


After a thorough review of the data we import and link all files to create a comprehensive database. We then do all the necessary calculations and programming, making sure that each employee sees only the information relevant to that individual employee.


We create a test group and, after passing through an internal QA process, we provide you with statements for review. You advise us of updates, changes and corrections and we revise the statements until you provide final sign-off.

6Distribute and Launch

Once we obtain final sign-off, statements are printed (or, in the case of Total Rewards Online, the site goes live) – typically with a turn-around time of only a few days – and either mailed directly to employees’ home addresses or, at your request, shipped to you for internal distribution.

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