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Total rewards consist of so much more than a paycheck.

Helping Employers Explain Total Rewards

Employers contribute a significant amount toward employee benefits – income protection programs, health insurance, wellness programs, retirement plans and so much more. Effective education and communication to your employees about these rewards is key to increased engagement, productivity and retention.

Printed Statements

Ink on paper can be extremely effective – especially when it comes to communicating with employees about compensation and benefits.

Custom and Comprehensive

Our team works to understand your goals and requirements and designs a total compensation statement that meets your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking to keep it brief with a one or two-page statement or want to provide employees with more in-depth information, we will design and deliver a total compensation statement that gives your employees a more comprehensive understanding of their total rewards.

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Total Compensation Statement
Total Rewards Online

Total Rewards Online

If you’re looking to provide employees with 24/7 instant access to total rewards information we have you covered with Total Rewards Online.

Standard Edition

Provides employees with an easy to understand online overview of their total compensation together with a full statement that can be viewed and downloaded

Premier Edition

A full-featured total rewards portal, Premier Edition gives your employees a single point of entry to learn about the value of their compensation and benefits as well as to obtain details on coverages, links to benefit providers and much more.

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