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Total Rewards Online™

Total Rewards Online is the solution for employers looking for a streamlined, efficient way to communicate fresh, updated total rewards information to their workforce.

Standard Edition

Provides employees with an easy to understand online overview of their total compensation together with a full statement that can be viewed and downloaded.

Premier Edition

A full-featured total rewards portal, Premier Edition gives your employees a single point of entry to learn about the value of their compensation and benefits as well as to obtain details on coverages, links to benefit providers and much more.

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Standard Edition Premier Edition
Clear display of employee and employer share of pay and benefits
Graphs and charts
Customization, including logo and colors
Encrypted data transfer
Choice of frequency of data updates
Available single sign on capability
Desktop, tablet and mobile compatible
Downloadable PDF of total compensation statement
Expanded, comprehensive online content
Links to sites of insurance carriers and benefit providers
Include social media feeds
Links to plan documents and other resources
Ability to update to include real time news and information about updates to benefit programs

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