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Printed Statements

Your total rewards story is one of the most important messages you should be communicating.

With the constant distractions of today’s digital world, ink on paper is often the best way to get across important messages to your workforce.

Printed total compensation statements customized to meet the unique needs of different employers. 

We help our clients think through the options and find the best solution, and our range of available formats ensures that no matter your budget, goals or workforce profile you’ll find a total compensation statement format that will provide maximum impact.

Printed Statements

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We have had the pleasure of working with the RewardsFocus team for the last twelve years. We welcome their suggestions on how best to tailor our information. The collaboration process is easy and their team has always had a quick turnaround from beginning to end. Most importantly however, our employees greatly appreciate the valuable information portrayed in their annual total compensation statements.

Courtney Moran
Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

Four Page Statements

Our most popular format, our four-page statements are printed on both sides of an 11 x 17” sheet and then folded to create a four-page booklet. The four-page format allows for greater depth and detail, providing employees with more extensive insights into the true value of the compensation and benefits you provide.

And with available 401(k) and Social Security projections, our four-page format will engage your employees and help them appreciate the full extent of the investment you’re making in them.

Total Rewards 4 Page Statement

Two Page Statements

For employers looking to provide more detail to employees, a two-page format – a single standard letter size sheet printed on both sides – gives you more room to go beyond the dollars and cents of total rewards.

Single Page Statements

Designed to keep the focus on the most important details of each employee’s total rewards, our single page statements are printed on one side of a standard letter size sheet of premium paper.

Your total rewards story is one of the most important messages you should be communicating.

No matter the format you can count on RewardsFocus to always provide:

  • Client-focused project management
  • Responsive customer service
  • Customization to meet your unique needs and goals
  • Attention to detail
  • On-time delivery
  • Results that exceed your expectations

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Increase employee engagement by making sure they understand the full value of their total compensation.

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